This could be your company’s big entrance into the marketplace. It’s important that everything go according to plan when your organization is attending its first trade show. This means that the displays and all the components must be optimized perfectly for promotional success. So what are the foremost considerations for your organization’s inaugural tradeshow attendance? Let’s go over a couple of the basic elements required for a great return on your investment:

1) Rent the Trade Show Displays

For your company’s first trade show, you may wish to rent the company’s displays rather than purchasing them outright. There are two reasons for this – firstly renting is preferable to buying in terms of overall cost and this is a key area that can help consolidate the overall expense of attending the event, and secondly renting trade show displays means that the company is not responsible for storage once the show is complete. They can simply allow the rental company to dismantle the display for them after the event.  Renting your display will also allow your organization to test its

2) Keep All Entryways Clear

For trade show representatives it’s important to keep access to their trade show displays clear. For example, some companies tend to make the mistake of placing a table in front of their display for product viewing. But this tends to prevent visitors to the display from speaking with representatives. A more open-style setup will ensure a great connection between company employees and potential future customers.

Your company’s goals will evolve over time. Make the organization keeps their tradeshow attendance simple at the beginning and that will provide the ideal foundation for future promotional growth.