November 5, 2013

Once the requisite trade show display has been selected, organizations must ensure that each element of the display has been optimized for success. Even the best available display cannot alone help companies to meet event branding requirements. And so companies must analyze their audience and decide on display additions that will help them to meet long-standing promotional objectives. Within this blog, we’ll review the advantages of two such additions that can be made to trade show displays.

1)      Electronic Media

Widescreen televisions and touch screen monitors are two highly popular additions to modern trade show displays. Event audiences are likely to interact with such technology because it helps provide comfort. Televisions can be utilized to highlight the company’s latest product or show an interview with the company founder in order to highlight the story behind the firm’s success. Touch screens are popular for events in which companies are promoting a new innovation. The technology allows event attendees insight into the company’s latest product, as they zoom in and out and touch various areas of the screen to learn about the product’s creation.

2)      Musical Performances

Musicians can always draw a crowd at any event. It’s the reason that so many street performers utilize music to obtain money from passersby. Companies too can benefit from adding musicians to their trade show line-up. Simply having an acoustic guitar player close to the display could be enough to invite interest from more than the typical company leads.

Success within the trade show space requires creativity. Review the preceding ideas to add a sense of individuality to trade show displays.