One of the main difficulties companies encounter at trade show events is not being able to capture the attention of their target audience. While a well-structured display design may elicit attention from many of the attendees at the event, if it doesn’t capture the focus of those who would be most interested in your product, then all design efforts will be fruitless. Within this blog, we’ll focus on ways that you can gain interest from those that matter at the event.

1) Targeted Marketing

The most important pre-event process any organization must go through is to establish who their target audience will be at the event. Will your business be trying to capture the tech-savvy 20-30-year-old demographic or the over-50 for whom traditional techniques may be required? By answering these sorts of questions, companies can create targeted graphic elements that not only drive attention at the event but also improve levels of lead generation. The more targeted your marketing the stronger your post-event investment returns will be.

2) Involve Your Products in the Graphic Design

Always ensure that the graphics you choose complement the products or services that your business is offering. This helps create a unified promotional effect that ensures clientele see the company as neat and organized which goes a long way when new customers are deciding who to do business with.

Tradeshow graphic design is 50% art and 50% marketing. Examine the strength of your company’s display design closely before signing off on its use at the event.