For the growing American business, there is no more important business development opportunity than tradeshow events. However, in order to truly capitalize on such an event, decision makers must first understand how to design their tradeshow display with an eye on encourage visitors and creating leads at the event. With this post, we’ll look at two key trips for high value trade show display design:

1) Design for The Organization’s Market Objectives

The design your organization utilizes for its trade show display will depend primarily on what its internal marketing objective are for the event. Companies should always have a small area of space allocated for meetings, demonstrations, lead stations and brand building graphics. For companies that are attempting to make an impact on new customers, it may be a good idea to put the focus on branding architecture that helps connect potential consumers with the organization’s products. However, for more established companies that are introducing new products, leaving space for new product demonstration could help sell more products on the day of the event.

2) Consider all Costs when Planning the Architecture Design

While there might be a flourish of excitement about an upcoming event, it’s still important to consolidate event expenditure. The costs associated with marketing the company’s solutions to the event attendees shouldn’t outweigh the potential revenue achieved. Carefully look at the costs of each item involved in the company’s display design and then decide which elements are necessary to ensure that lasting impression.

Display design is a critical element of trade show event success. Without proper consideration this area can make or break a company’s promotional campaign. Only through careful pre-event planning can success be guaranteed. Call one of our in-house specialists to learn how Best Displays can help you capture the spotlight at the next industry event.