With businesses now looking to maximize their revenue potential by attending industry events around the globe, there is an emphasis on finding architecture design solutions that can have the biggest impact on event audiences. Within this post, we’ll look at two methods that modern organizations are utilizing to increase the revenue potential of their trade show booth architecture.

1) Offering Promotional Items

A trade show represents the perfect venue for the roll out of new business promotions. Not only will these promotions have a positive effect on the audience at the event. But they will also improve the market reputation of the organization as attendees will become brand ambassadors, discussing the merits of the company’s promotional items with their friends, family and colleagues. Promotional items could be anything from new products or a discount on current solutions or services – anything that offers the event audience access to something new can help to maximize the appeal of the company’s trade show booth.

2) Lighting Plays a Key Role

Because trade show events tend to be held in large convention centers, where lighting is limited due to the amount of signage and other overhead obstacles, it’s important to ensure that trade show booth areas have a good amount of direct light in order to stand out among the competition. Attendees should integrate back lighting with their display to ensure that they have a welcoming presence at the event.

Trade show booth designs don’t have to be complex to get results. Simply appealing to core human characteristics can help organizations to achieve success with their event architecture.