With so many companies attending the same industry events each year, it can be difficult to separate your organization from others within the industry offering similar services. To do so, the design of your trade show displays must be complex unique and provide a positive lasting impression on the audience. With that in mind, here are two of the leading design tips suggested by industry experts:

1)      Utilize Multimedia

Smaller organizations may wish to make use of television screens and presentation projectors as part of their trade show display’s design. This will help draw in a crowd to the area. In addition, these sorts of advertising materials allow representatives to go into detail about the benefits of your organization’s products and services.

2) Large Format Graphics

There is no point to having a display area that cannot be read from further than 10 feet away. Many events are hosted in large arenas in which attendees will make their decision on which booth to go to based on a quick scan of the area as they walk around. If your company’s trade show display’s design is not readable or easily identifiable from a distance then you may lose interest from this passing by. Make sure the design team building your displays takes advantage of the latest advances in large format graphics systems in order to capture the imagination of the trade show audience.

By following the preceding trade show displays design tips, you can set your business on the path to event success.