August 21, 2013

Trade shows act as the ideal way for the modern organization to increase brand exposure. But many firms still struggle to with over-spending on trade show campaigns. So within blog we’ll focus on two methods growing companies can utilize to reduce their expenditure on future trade show exhibits.

1)      Reduce Use of Paper Products

Many firms are now going paperless as a way to maintain a commitment to the natural environment. But paperless campaigns are also cost-beneficial as they reduce costs in areas such as printing and distribution. In order to achieve paperless trade show exhibits, company owners can utilize laptop presentations to highlight the benefits of their products rather than thousands of leaflets. Or they can distribute information by collecting email addresses. This is also a superb way of generating leads for the firm.

2)      Use Second-Hand or Rental Trade Show Exhibits

Leading companies must often spend thousands of dollars in order to build the ideal trade show displays. Growing organizations don’t have access to this level of resources. This means that they must utilize more cost-effective methods of at-event promotion such as second hand or rental displays. One of the great functional advantages of rental displays is that rental companies will often set up and dismantle displays before and after the event. This might even put small firms at an advantage over their competition, whose reps might be responsible for dismantling equipment at event closing time.

Being a smaller organization doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to think small. In fact, becoming more creative can give growing companies the edge over their larger counterparts. Consider the preceding tips to reduce the pressure on tightening event budgets.