The design of your trade show displays and accessories is almost as important as the products you’re presenting at the event. This design will tell the customer everything they need to know about what you’re selling and the reputation of the organization. Therefore it’s important to design trade show displays that are not only professional but clear and communicate in order to have the requisite effect on the audience at the show. Here are two top tips from design specialists:

1) Keep Architecture Design Simple

In terms of your promotional materials, it’s important that they entice visitors to your trade show displays but don’t overload them with information. After all, the goal of having a display is to grab the attention, it is then up to your representatives to sell visitors on the benefits of your company. Try to make your display design simple and try to make the reader think about what the design means and how your company can benefit them. Developing curiosity is a key design skill.

2) Keep Colours Low Key

While it might be tempting to present a bright and evocative display replete with bright colours that are designed to “wow” attendees, studies have shown that bright colours can be off-putting at trade show events. Neutral colours such as blue and red are thought to offer a more comforting feeling to display designs and therefore might be the ideal design choice for those that are just introducing their company to the general public.

The design of your trade show displays will form the first impression of trade show attendees. Make sure your company is ready for the big reveal by simplifying and providing an inviting overall appearance to your trade show displays.