July 18, 2013

Companies must ensure that the cost of attending industry trade shows supports a long-term return. And so in order to maximize attendance and drive potential leads for their business, firms should promote their event extensively before the big day. Outdoor flags represent one of the ideal tools for such pre-event promotion because they’re low-cost and support high visibility in many unique venues. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two tips for utilizing outdoor flags for promoting business events.

1) Set Up Outdoor Flags Immediately Outside Business Presence

Companies with large stores can utilize their space to build interest in their future trade shows. It’s important that outdoor flags don’t impede foot traffic within the store or immediately outside. Flags should be highly visible and above front doors in order to capture the most amount of attention. Companies should also provide more information about future events within the store, in order to answer questions of those who have noticed the flags and are interested in attending.

2) Use Social Media on Event Flags to Drive Interest

Pre-event marketing with event flags requires companies to guide their potential customers to action. One of the easiest ways for customers to find out about future events is by going online. And so when firms utilize their social media information on event flags, they achieve a streamlined method for building a conversation with potential long-term customers. Remember to add a sense of mystery in order to entice all types of event-goer.

Event flags are an underused but highly effective form of pre-event marketing. By capitalizing on the inherent visibility of their flag materials, companies can quickly entice potential customers and achieve a clear advantage going into their next event.