October 10, 2013

Firms across the country are currently setting up their winter 2013 promotional campaigns. While there is a multitude of campaign elements to consider, including training staff, purchasing architecture, and booking venues, companies should focus heavily on event promotion. Only by utilizing online marketing tools effectively can companies ensure that their event will be well attended on the day itself. So within this blog, we’ll focus on two tips for using online marketing techniques to ensure success with trade show exhibits.

1) Ask Staff to Post Event Details on Social Media Profiles

For those companies with at least 10 staff members, ensuring that each team is on the same page for promoting the event is crucial. Ask staff members to dedicate several posts on their social media profiles to the event. This will ensure news of the company’s attendance has the highest online reach possible through those who know the organization.

2) Set Up a Special Page on the Company Site for the Event

Companies can achieve great visibility for their trade show exhibits by hosting a special page for the event on their site. Firms must speak with online marketers about how to use SEO techniques to capture local search traffic to the event page. This has been a very successful strategy for many small businesses in the past.

Pre-event marketing is the defining element of event success. Without notification that the event is taking place, potential visitors will be left behind. Utilize the latest techniques to ensure that exhibits achieve the maximum attention and secure a lasting return on investment.