April 18, 2013

With the summer months approaching, organizations are now preparing for their outdoor industry events. There are many unique considerations that go into planning outdoor event success. But one of the keys is to ensure that the company has the requisite materials for their promotional work. Within this blog, we’ll offer two tips for utilizing tents and flags during summer tradeshow events.

1) Use Brightly Coloured Flags above and around Event Tents

There are often many more campaigns being launched during the summer than in the cooler winter months. For this reason, there will likely be more competitors to outdo during outdoor summer promotional events. This means that companies should utilize brightly coloured material within their event architecture in order to capitalize on the glowing sunshine. While professional companies may wish to avoid neon colours and others that clash with the prestige of an event, colours such as reds, yellows, greens and purples should be considered as part of outdoor tradeshow design styles.

2) Use Flags Above Outdoor Architecture

By simply adding two flags on either side of their outdoor event presence, companies can captivate an audience and increase their visitor numbers. Placing flags on flagpoles on either side of their architecture will ensure that a company’s branding information is seen from a great distance. Event reps must keep an eye on flags however to ensure that they remain in immaculate condition throughout the event as materials can often become damaged by weather.

Transitioning from indoor events to outdoor events for the summer can take some time. But by utilizing outdoor-focused trade show materials, companies can truly excel with each of their summer promotional campaigns.