September 18, 2014

In Canada, like the rest of the globe, trade show booths continue to help organizations maximize the appeal of their branding campaigns. But while most companies use these tools to ensure lasting return on campaign investment, many are still struggling when it comes to staff event performance. Trade show staff must understand the best practices for interacting with audiences. Without an optimally trained staff, even the most lavish investment in trade show booths can fail for Canada-based companies. Here are two tips for training staff at trade show booths.

1. Focus on Responding to Common Service Issues

Every company encounters a customer complaint or concern about their products and services once in a while. Trade show representatives must be trained to answer these issues with professionalism and assuredness. Once potential customers have their queries answered, they’re far more likely to be interested in further business with the company.

2. Train Using Role-Playing Activities

Companies about to begin promotions at trade show events must run through a range of scenarios with their event staff. From responding to questions to guiding audience members on the company and the benefit of its products, staff should have a full understanding of their role. Companies that prepare staff comprehensively have the best chance to succeed with their campaign objectives.

A company’s representatives are their front of house staff at the event. Make sure your reps know their importance and ensure they’re ready for event day by outlining their requirements to help prevent any unforeseen issues.