For local companies in Toronto, it can be difficult to decide which of their trade show displays to utilize in order to capture attention in this thriving market. However, businesses in Toronto are having success with two specific trade show display styles. And by following their lead, your local organization could join the elite of the big city when attending industry events in the area. Let’s focus on the two hottest trade show displays in Toronto used by local businesses:

1) 10ft, 20ft, and 30ft Blueprint Displays

Attracting attention at trade show events is never easy. It requires hard work and investment in high-value architecture. That’s why many Toronto organizations are now utilizing high-impact Blueprint displays. These display options are ideal for creating a lasting impression because they are modular, and can therefore be customized into any number of shapes and sizes for unique visual appeal. In addition, Blueprint displays are lightweight, so they can be transported easily and affordably from event to event, thus offering superior promotional value to those organizations looking to make a splash in the industry.

2) Tension Fabric Displays

Tension fabric displays are the new stylish mechanism for high-impact promotion. These low-cost, lightweight items are ideal for companies that require versatility in their display architecture because they can be built to the client’s unique specifications and include items such as backlighting and three-dimensional display effects. And because they’re made of fabric, clientele can simply wash the materials after each event to ensure a clean-marketing appeal for each and every trade show they attend.

Keeping up with the biggest and the brightest in the industry will help organizations build their reputation from the ground up. Examine all innovative display options to see which style is best suited to your business.