May 8, 2013

Pop-up displays continue to be a favorite display style for the growing North American business as they embark on promotional campaigns. There is a multitude of reasons behind their popularity– including their affordability, their portability, and the fact that they can be easily customized by professional design experts at a low cost. However, in order to capitalize on these advantages, companies must use pop-up displays in the right way. And so within this blog, we’ll focus on two tips for setting up pop-up displays for promotional success.

1) Plan for Optimal Space

Exhibitors should try to make the best use of the space they have available with their pop-up displays. Oftentimes, smaller companies are given more limited promotional space at trade show events than their more reputable counterparts. And companies should use tricks such as making their space linear (therefore ensuring that guests walk from one end to the other to see all promotional material) in order to maximize their ROI for the event.

2) Get Clear Attendee Focus with High-Quality Lighting

Effective lighting can make all the difference at trade show events. Some venues, especially those that host evening events, can become darker as time passes. This limits the opportunity for attendees to promote their materials and services effectively. Those with alternative light sources to highlight their offerings will gain the most from the event experience.

Pop-up displays are a clear leading choice among many growing companies attending trade shows across North America. But the key to using these powerful tools effectively is in understanding professional marketing techniques. Review the tips in this article to take the lead for your company’s next big industry event.