Each year, thousands of trade show events take place across North America. These events cover various industries and include both growing organizations and those organizations that have established their presences and are looking to venture into two markets. Companies attending these events each have something in common; their representatives are hoping to generate leads by speaking with fellow attendees. Within this blog post, we’ll look at two key elements behind setting up a trade show booth for optimal returns.

1)      Arrive Early

It’s imperative that company representatives arrive at least an hour before the event begins in order to set up their display architecture. This time will also allow representatives to gauge the size of the location and allow them to plot out the way in which they’re going to promote the organization. For example, smaller areas might require architecture to be higher to be noticed through the crowds, whereas larger arenas might require that representatives walk around in order to speak with potential leads.

2)      Speak with the Show Promoter about Signage

By planning before the event begins, companies can improve their chances of being the hit of the event. One extra promotional tool in this effort is additional signage. It’s important for representatives to speak with trade show promoters to see if they can have additional signage displayed at location entrances and other key traffic areas. This will help direct attendees to the trade show booth.

Success at a trade show can turn a struggling organization into a high performer. Follow the preceding tips in this blog to give your company a boost at the next industry event.