December 16, 2013

Canadian companies must continually adapt their marketing campaigns to meet their evolving demographics. One of the challenges many smaller firms especially face is that their campaigns are not flexible enough to capture the attention of a broad range of audience types. This means that firms can lose out on vital revenues by placing too much emphasis and focus on specific audience members. Within this blog post, we’ll review two tips for modifying trade show displays to meet the needs of specific event audiences in Canada.

1)      Business Leaders and Executives

At an event that places many executive-level professionals within the same room as one-another, companies must highlight their company’s latest innovations. A cutting-edge approach to marketing is critical within this type of environment, as only those companies that offer a newer and authoritative presence within the marketplace can capture decision-maker attention.  It’s an environment in which Canada-based companies should consider in a change in their trade show displays to include information on the ways the company leads the field. By showing innovation and highlighting brand successes, companies can quickly sway the minds of those driven by business success.

2)      General Public

The general public are often quick to work with brands that help them solve a key challenge, within their home or business environment. This means that companies promoting their brand in front of the general public must be able to answer the question “How does your product solve this problem?” Answering the question and placing the answer on trade show displays across the event can help Canadian companies experience high levels of event success.

Promotional flexibility is imperative within the modern business environment. Companies that take the time to understand their various audiences will succeed as their move forward with their campaigns.