September 5, 2013

Small, growing companies are often tasked with attending hundreds of industry events across the country in order to promote their brand. In order to do so effectively, they must purchase high-quality portable displays that will enable them to make the best possible impression from one event to the next. With that thought in mind, in this blog, we’ll present two tips for selecting portable displays for the growing company.

1) Is the Display Easy to Set Up & Dismantle?

The speed with which trade show attendees are able to set up and dismantle their display remains a key decision when a company is choosing its event architecture. It’s imperative to choose displays that are constructed to be easy to set up and take down. Company trade show reps must be given plenty of time to converse with event attendees and promote their company brand. By selecting easy-to-use architecture, they can therefore improve the amount of time spent with potential customers and drive leads for their business.

2) How Much Would the Display Cost to Transport

With so much traveling to do during promotional campaigns, companies must consider the cost of transporting their display to various venues. The heavier items will cost more to ship. And so firms looking to save on initial promotional costs might consider more lightweight options and then build up to the larger display systems.

For companies just beginning their promotional campaigns, accessing high-quality portable displays must be a priority. Consider the previously outlined tips before entering this competitive marketplace.