November 14, 2013

Today’s growing firms are now seeking promotional solutions that will help them to consolidate marketing expenditure while expanding their brand across the marketplace. In order to save on expenditures, rental banner stands are now considered the requisite choice for the thrifty brand promoter. However, companies sometimes find that those rental products don’t meet the standard required come event day. Within this blog, we’ll go over two tips to ensure that those one-day-only rental systems provide firms with high level branding quality.

1)      Choose Reputable Rental Companies

Understanding the difference between quality rental companies and those operations that are simply looking to profit from poor workmanship could help companies succeed in the long-term. That’s why it’s essential for firms to speak directly with display specialists before making their choice of product. Does the company offer a broad range of rental solutions? Do they have a strong background in the industry? These are two important questions to answer before making an investment and renting banner stands.

2)      Decide Upon the Banner Stand’s Application Beforehand

One of the advantages of banner stands is they’re highly flexible. They can be utilized within a store area to promote an up-coming event or at the trade show itself to highlight a new brand innovation. Companies must decide on how to implement their banner stands before choosing a specialist to work with for their event architecture. This will help when beginning the procurement process and enable them to achieve a more precise solution for their unique demands.

Rental trade show displays are ideal for that future event. But don’t over-spend on poorly designed equipment! Follow the preceding two tips to ensure great ROI for banner stand rentals.