June 18, 2013

Consolidating expenditure is the objective of all companies, from the small local start-up to the large international enterprise. However, while maintaining cost consolidation objectives, companies must still remain wholly committed to their promotional campaigns. With that in mind, in this blog we’ll focus on two tips to save money while integrating top level banner stands into trade show architecture.

1)      Select Durable Hardware

There are multiple banner stands available on the market. There are cartridge banner stands that provide the opportunity for interchangeable graphics. Roll up banner stands that present effortless portability and many more styles as well. But one important feature that will help ensure durable and cost-effective use of banner stands is structural dependability. Organizations can reduce their long-term expenditure by simply conducting market research before selecting a product. Speak with several previous customers of any selected organization before choosing that company’s products. This is one of the best ways to ensure all architecture purchased meets company-wide promotional demands.

2)      Choose Rentals for Short-Term Reliability

Once the ideal trade show hardware supplier is selection, company leaders must ask about rental options. For organizations that might only be attending one trade show event per year, a rental option offers the ideal way to reduce expenditure on items such as storage, transportation and maintenance of banner stands.

Banner stands are an effective means of communicating a brand message to a large audience. But before purchasing a product, companies must take a look at the numbers to ensure full value. Review the previously outlined money-saving tips to give your organization the best chance to meet its budget projections in 2013.