December 30, 2013

The team is ready for the event. They know their roles as part of the event team and they’re ready to begin promoting the company. But how will they manage the booth set up? For many business events, company reps must set-up their organization’s own trade show booths. The amount of time this process takes could dictate how much time reps have to speak to leads and build their business. This means that reducing set-up time is critical to event success. In this blog, we’ll highlight two tips for quickly setting up trade show booths.

1)      Bring Entire Team to Event Early

Companies should ensure that each of their team members is ready for the event at least an hour before the event is due to start. Set-up time for complex trade show booths can range from 20 minutes to 2-hours and so having many team members on-hand to help complete the process should ensure a fast set-up time. Companies should also ensure that all team members have a specific role in the set-up process. This will add an organized approach.

2)      Speak with Manufacturer of Booth

The company who manufactured the trade show booth often has the best information about how to set-up the components seamlessly. Oftentimes they even have demonstrations available on their company websites. Firms should review set-up demonstrations in the weeks prior to the event to ensure that every element of the set-up process is documented for reference on the day.

Event success can rest on the speed in which trade show booths are set-up. Communicating with booth manufacturers and in-house team members can help provide the impetus for a professional set-up process that leads into a high-return event.