May 23, 2013

No matter how much money is invested in trade show architecture, the results derived from event attendance can be diminished by a lack of planning. Company leaders must take time, in the months before trade show events, to review their trade show goals and to build an effective strategy designed to help complete those goals. Large capital returns can be achieved by those Toronto companies who plan their trade show displays effectively. And so, within this blog, we’ll focus on two tips for the proactive Toronto organization planning a trade show event.

1)      Set Both Event Goals and Long-Term Goals

Event objectives are an essential element in the planning process. Without knowledge of these objectives, company reps cannot effectively carry out their work. With that in mind, it’s imperative for company leaders to engage in a series of meetings with their trade show reps before the event to outline their company strategy. This strategy should not only include event goals but also how those event goals fit in within a broader company strategy.

2)      Visit Event Venue to Plan Architecture

Proactive Toronto companies can plan their trade show displays more effectively with an understanding on the trade show space and its parameters. That’s why it’s so important for company leaders to go with their sales reps to the event venue in the days preceding the event in order to strategize specific scenarios. This will also give even reps greater comfort when hosting visitors to their trade show display.

Business event success begins with a flexibility strategy. Long-term event marketing effectiveness requires decision makers to plan for all possible event requirements. The key is to keep both employees and management teams on the same page in the planning process, where they can be working towards the same objectives.