August 27, 2013

Growing companies must be proactive in their marketing campaigns if they are to generate a large enough audience in order to succeed in the long-term. While many firms take a passive approach to trade shows and simply wait for audience members to approach their trade show exhibits, this often isn’t enough to capture a large amount of leads. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two tips for the proactive marketer promoting their brand at trade shows.

1)      Spend at Least 1 Hour Speaking Away from Trade Show Exhibits

Not all audience members are going to visit the company’s trade show booth during the event. This means that brand reps must travel around the venue to make an impression. If two reps host the exhibit, having one rep move among the crowds while the other speaks with visitors to their display areas allows for the ideal promotional combination.

2)      Utilize Next-Generation Technology to Capture Audience Attention

Trade show audiences are often looking for a unique experience during business events. It’s important for companies to stand out from competition. Company reps should utilize their smart phones and QR codes to swap details with reps with other companies at the trade show event. This type of seamless communication can help build strong business relationships and ensure a prosperous business event.

Simply attending trade show events is not enough to make an impression. Company reps must seek out their audience at the event and capture their attention with high impact visuals.