September 9, 2013

Companies are often so busy preparing their products for the big launch date that they don’t plan for the promotional campaigns effectively. One of the biggest days of the pre-launch phase is the industry trade show where the product will be promoted for the first time. And so companies must ensure that their staff is prepared effectively for this key marketing event. Within this blog, we’ll look at two tips for preparing staffers to host trade show exhibits.

1)      Brief Team Members on Competition Espionage

Company staffers should understand that, at the event, there will be many competitor companies all looking to find out more information about their firm’s latest product. In order to ensure that no damaging proprietary information is released, companies should detail the tips and tricks competitors might use to gain key data. Whether the tricks involve asking team members out after the event has ended or trying to get a demo product for their own team to review, this is a key issue for team members to understand comprehensively.

2)       Stress the Importance of Confidence and Body Language

Staffers must know that how they look reflects on the company. Body language should be welcome and opening in order to create the impression of confidence. In addition, staffers should be able to communicate clearly and decisively and be prepared to respond professionally to any negative feedback from audience members.

Hosting trade show exhibits gives company staff members the ideal opportunity to connect with the general public. But managers must take the lead on showing staff members which behaviors should be exhibited in order to ensure trade show success.