August 22, 2013

It’s the organization’s inaugural business event. The invitation has been confirmed and the business is all ready to promote their brand. But what does the beginner trade show attendee need to know before their first event begins? Within this blog, we’ll focus on two key elements that companies might not consider when hosting booths at their first trade show event.

1)      Timing

The timing of each process to take place on event days is crucial. How long does the event staff have for breaks during the show? What time is the guest speaker going to arrive and begin their speech? These are all key questions that must be answered before the event begins. Companies that hire one of their in-house team to organize and manage event day scheduling will find the entire process far easier. A key point to remember is arriving early will give on-site company reps more time to become comfortable with their event surroundings.

2)      Approaching Audience Members

The result of the interaction between audience members and the company’s reps will play a large part in the overall result and ROI of the trade show for the business. Companies must ensure that their reps are trained to approach the right audience members at their trade show booths in the right way. Training could focus on the products being promoted or the way in which to speak to audience members in order to get their attention and engage them with the company brand.

That first trade show event can be a momentous moment in the growth of a company. Success can be achieved seamlessly by taking a methodical approach to optimizing communication with trade show audiences.