April 17, 2014

A common problem for companies in Toronto that have just concluded several business events is the issue of trade show displays breaking down. Local firms must have in-place a strict display maintenance regimen in order to ensure that their systems look their optimal best from one event to the next. And with that in mind, this blog will focus on two tips for assure optimal long-term maintenance of trade show displays.

1)      Choose Storage Facilities Carefully

One of the challenges in using a trade show display and purchasing it for the organization is that companies must find a place to store the display when it’s not in use. Often, displays are stored within company facilities where dust and dirt can have an effect on the display. Companies should try to ensure the display storage option they choose protects the product against moisture as well as against scratches that can occur due to nails and sharp edges.

2)      Use Professional Assembly and Dismantling Services

While it might be more cost-effective in the short term to quickly put up and take down displays, companies are often left with a large repair bill when they leave their team to do the before and after-event work. By choosing a trade show specialist for all dismantling and assembly needs, companies reduce the damage caused during these critical processes.

A trade show display is a long-term investment. By following the industry’s best practices in terms of maintenance, companies can ensure that their investments brings them top dollar in terms of performance.