November 26, 2013

As a cost-effective tool for capturing audience attention at business events, banner stands are highly popular. But many companies are not fully capitalizing on the inherent advantages offered by these flexible tools, after the event is complete. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two post-event uses for banner stands.

1)      Utilize Stands At Business Seminars

Seminar events are popular for meeting fellow professionals and building networking databases. Companies can utilize their banner stands at such events by placing the stand behind them during their presentations. They can also speak with event hosts about sponsoring the event and then placing the banner stands at venue entrances. It could be the high value branding opportunity that drives a company’s reputation forward in the marketplace.

2)      Update Banner Stands for New Campaigns

Many of the leading banner stands on the market today can be updated by design teams. This means that, when they’ve been utilized for one event, companies can update the banner for their future events. It’s how value-focused firms are enhancing their bottom line with the latest banner stand products. But it’s imperative first to speak with a design professional who can update the product safely. Only leading companies have the tools necessary to ensure that banners look professional after they’ve been updated.

For growing firms, gaining maximum value from all tools is imperative to on-going operational success. Capitalize on the many benefits of banner stands and organizations can make great savings on their trade show expenditures.