December 10, 2013

One of the primary reasons business owners and their organization attend industry events is lead generation. Lead generation activities can help companies to improve their brand name and drive marketing reach to new areas of the industry. But in order for firms to truly capitalize on their attendance at important marketing events, companies must create responsive lead generation campaigns. And so within this blog, we’ll highlight two methods for using exhibit booth displays as part of expert-level lead generation.

1)      Create a Competition

Competitions are one of the fastest, proven methods of developing interest in a brand. All event attendees want to win free items. And competitions enable them to gain access to free products while also interacting with company reps at exhibit booth displays. Competition prizes should be a product related to the organization, in order for the company to promote that brand within the event and to ensure that competitors are excited for the chance to win.

2)      Build a Social Media Campaign

By inviting potential visitors to their exhibit booth displays to interact with the organization via social media, companies can add thousands of emails to their lead databases. Customers are often ready to give their email addresses out to organizations and so companies with a strong online pre-event presence can capitalize on the availability of attendee data. By collecting social media details and email information, firms can build email marketing campaigns that achieve strong long-term ROI.

Events are the hub of a company’s lead generation activities. With proactive planning and an understanding of the trade show audience, companies can ensure that their event is a great success with many new leads being brought to their sales team’s attention.