September 25, 2013

Growing companies must participate in tradeshow events throughout their local region in order to garner support and recognition for their brand. But in traveling great distances across North America, companies often find that the condition of their branding materials deteriorates. This means it’s imperative to work with tradeshow specialists on maintenance solutions for your displays. In this blog, we’ll focus on two tips for keeping banner stands in optimal condition on the road.

1)      Travel Packaging is Crucial to Protecting the Mechanism

One of the most common forms of damage incurred by banner stands is when internal mechanism fails and the stand won’t retract. This problem is caused primarily in transit. The spindle, which acts as the sole moving part within banner stands, becomes damaged when buffeted from either side by of its casing. When the spindle breaks, the banner stand becomes useless, so it must be protected. Companies should utilize cushioning on either side of their banner stands when they’re in transit in van or car. It’s also imperative that the stands remain stationery and away from sharp or hard objects they could come into contact with during the journey to the venue.

2)      Tilting the Mechanism During Setup Can Prevent Holes in the Print

Another leading cause of damage to banner stands occurs during the set up phase. Some operators drop the stand into the base, which can lead to the puncturing of the printed panels. By tilting the mechanism and slowly moving the stand into place alongside an installation specialist, companies can reduce the chances of damage to their displays.

Careful consideration goes into selecting banner stands. It’s imperative that the same care go into their installation and transportation. This proactive approach can help organization save thousands on maintenance and repair costs in the long-term.