Sometimes companies can spend months planning for an industry event and still not receive the level of attention they expect from attendees. In order for companies to counteract this problem, they must learn ways in which to market their organization on-the-fly during an event. With that in mind, in this post we’ll focus on two specific at-event marketing techniques companies can use to improve visitor numbers to their trade show display.

1) Ensure Reps Walk Around the Location

Trade show event ROI can be improved by having reps connect with guests while they’re walking around the event location. Reps should have company information with them at all times, including business cards and product brochures. By proactively going around the area to speak with attendees and those hosting booths, reps can improve their chances of clinching that lucrative contract for the organization.

2) Utilize Social Media During the Event

During industry events, many organizations are now connecting with each other via Facebook and LinkedIn. Twitter is another valuable resource during the event, as reps can tweet comments to their followers and entice people to come to their booth with specific incentives. One example incentive might be a free gift that’s given to the first 100 visitors to the booth. This is a great way to improve traffic quickly and give the company a higher perceived value to others in the audience at the event.

Even when trade show events are slow-going, companies can still bring traffic to their display. Follow the preceding two tips to proactively engage with the audience and the results will be clear post-event.