In order to enhance the ROI from a trade show event, it’s important for companies to improvise methods by which to enhance the appeal of their booth display. By creating a custom booth display that both fits within the company’s brand image and entices visitors to learn more about the organization, businesses can improve their market reach and open up further opportunities within their field. Within this blog, we’ll look at methods for improving the impact of custom booth displays at an industry event.

1)      Use Brand-Appropriate Colours

For smaller organizations, the goal of trade show events is to build brand recognition and to gain an audience for their products and services. Companies should always utilize the same colours they use within their brand as part of their display. This will help customers to connect symbols and colours to the company brand and make the organization as a whole more recognizable at future events. This is a subtle psychological trick to gain trust from potential clients.

2)      Use Graphics More than Words

As the saying goes “A picture tells a thousand words”. Visitors will be walking around the trade show venue looking for enticing graphics that make them want to learn more about the company. Oftentimes there are merely a few seconds to grab the attention. This means that companies should spend twice as much time devising their graphics as their branding copy. By creating the ideal image, an organization can quickly improve visitor numbers to their displays.

It takes months of planning to build the ideal custom booth display for an industry event. Ensure your organization is ready to move forward by taking the preceding tips into consideration while making proactive plans for an eye catch display that captures the eye and interests the brain.