November 6, 2013

The trade show space is exceptionally competitive. Companies must use all means necessary to capture the attention of onlookers and drive interest within their brand. Increasingly, companies are capitalizing on the promotional benefits of pop up displays in order to add style to their product branding campaigns. But many still don’t have a handle on how to manage their products for the optimal return on investment in the long-term. Within this blog, we’ll look at two tips for improving the response to pop up displays.

1)      High Quality Graphics

Does the firm’s graphical display look like it was manufactured by someone with little technical skill? This could reduce the overall effect of the company’s displays. Graphics are the method for communicating with that part of the audience’s brain attracted by aesthetics. Companies utilizing low quality graphics will lose the interest of the audience before they’ve even had a chance to meet the potential lead. This means that investment in graphic design is a crucial component of a strong trade show strategy.

2)      Durable Construction

Pop up displays are built to be moved from one event location to another with seamless ease. Therefore companies must be able to capitalize on this inherent advantage. Firms can ensure quality pop up display construction by speaking with event specialists in their region and purchasing the highest quality pop up display available. This should ensure longevity for their display.

Don’t limit the effect of display purchases before the event even begins! Utilize highly durable products designed to meet the highest of graphics standards. Only then will the organization have the foundation for success with its event campaign.


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