Trade show events are often attended by hundreds of different vendors. This can make it difficult to make a lasting impression on show attendees. Therefore it’s important that display stands and other event architecture are designed and built to capture the attention and the imagination. Within this article, we take a look at two methods for attracting your target demographic.

1) Innovative Giveaways

The traditional trade show is rife with giveaway products that are gimmicky or unusable. From pins to erasers, businesses over the years have made the mistake of spending hundreds, even thousands on disposable trade show items that hold no value post-event. Why not give attendees a memento of the occasion that they can actually use in their business? Even simple projects like USB drives with your company’s logo and contact information printed on them can have a lasting impact on qualified lead generation after the event. A small investment, made correctly, can have a great return.

2) Make Banners Readable and Unique

There is nothing more detrimental to the success of attending trade shows than having poorly designed branding. When attendees can’t read or are not interested in reading your brand’s banners or creative, there is little benefit to be gained from the show. Make sure you work with a professional design team such as our in-house specialists at Best Displays in order to maximize the overall creative appeal of your company’s trade show display stands.

Low-cost marketing ideas can offer a great ROI for your company’s trade show attendance. Don’t limit your impact on potential customers with directionless solutions!