Marketing campaigns must be optimized to ensure the best return for the company’s investment. This means that when attending industry trade show events, businesses must have a strategy in place to generate leads and find new clientele. Without this strategy, the expense and time spent preparing for the event will go to waste. Within this blog post, we’ll look at two tips for generating high quality leads using an exhibit booth display.

1)      Match your Booth  Display with Your Audience’s Requirements

It’s imperative that businesses promoting their products and services at exhibit events create booth display architecture that directly aligns with their audience’s needs. For example, at a business-to-business conference event, a booth display might be geared towards building partnerships and have a theme of team work rather than emphasizing the strength of the brand’s products. Gearing the display towards the audience will attract the right leads to the display area and ensure that the company continues to benefit long after the event is over.

2)      Create Competitions

Consumers love getting prizes from companies. For a business that’s looking to ramp up their marketing campaign and quickly build contact lists, having visitors to the exhibit booth display fill out their details for a chance to win a prize can be extremely effective. Remember to ensure that customers give their full name, their business name and their email information to ensure that future email blast campaigns are successful in going to qualified leads. Companies can truly capitalize on this method by ensuring that the prize is related to their business, such as a free month’s service or a free product. This helps the company to promote their brand more successfully.

Getting leads is the number one method of achieving a great ROI at a trade show event. By following the preceding two tips, organizations can quickly improve stagnant campaigns into high performance marketing systems.