Businesses are constantly looking for ways to consolidate marketing expenditure while increasing revenues. Trade show events can be an expensive proposition for new companies, especially those that still have to establish their credentials in the industry. These smaller organizations must try to compete with their larger, more dominant market counterparts.  And in order to do so, they must acquire displays that help them to cement their brand. In this post, we’ll look at ways in which tomorrow’s industry leaders can gain the upper hand on their larger modern day counterparts while reducing their event costs.

1) Renting Current Displays

Businesses can cut their trade show display costs by paying per event for a display rental. This is ideal for organizations that are just growing within the industry, as it also means that they don’t have to spend large amounts of money storing the display. They can simply pick it up the day before the event and then return it afterwards. At Best Displays & Graphics, we offer many unique display rentals to our clientele, helping them to preserve the quality of their branding while reducing overall costs.

2) Portable Displays

For the growing company looking to make a high value investment, portable trade show display architecture is ideal. Smaller organizations will likely have to attend numerous industry events in order to develop their brand. By investing in portable displays such as pop up displays, companies can considerably reduce their expenditure and achieve a high value marketing tool for long-term use.

High powered marketing doesn’t always have to have a high cost. Those that research the market carefully will find that there are plenty of options to help build their company’s brand.