March 28, 2013

As one of the most popular styles of display, pop-up displays are used across thousands of trade shows each year. However, the popularity of the display unit means that many events feature pop-up displays that aren’t quite at their peak, after years of use and less than rigid maintenance. To ensure growing organizations capitalize on their investment in pop-up display products, we’ll focus on two tips for maintaining pop-up displays for use in the long term.

1) Roll Graphics Carefully

It’s imperative to roll back graphics into the display unit with great care. Even high-quality graphics can become damaged when users push them too quickly and carelessly back into the display casing. By slowly placing graphics back, users can ensure that each is at its aesthetic peak from one trade show to the next while connecting with buyers and improving brand image.

2) Do Not Store Displays in a Hot Environment

Pop-up displays are usually covered by laminated material in order to protect graphics from environmental effects as well as liquid. With that in mind, it’s imperative to ensure that the lamination on displays remains in the requisite condition. Subjecting laminated materials to heat can cause the bonding between the lamination and the graphics to loosen, which can be detrimental to the appeal of the display. Storing displays in a cool, dry area will ensure that they’re ready for continual use.

Even top-quality materials require optimal maintenance. Protect the value of your organization’s investment in display architecture by reviewing the maintenance tips within this blog.