October 8, 2013

For smaller firms, an investment in trade show architecture such as banners can put a strain on the company budget. And so they must review the various market options to find solution that will help them to enhance their long-term returns for their investment. Within this blog, we’ll look at two industry-wide best practices to finding trade show banners that ensure long-term value.

1)      Utilize Retractable Banners

There is a distinct array of banner styles available on the commercial marketplace. But those in the market for cost-effective products must look into retractable banners. Because the actual banner slips back into the product after use, the potential of damaging the system in transit is minimal. This means that companies can retain their banner’s design aesthetics and utilize the product over many future events to ensure they achieve high level returns on this low cost tool.

2)      Choose Lightweight Systems

The long-term costs of a display are often mostly based on the weight of the product. That’s because transit companies charge depending on the equipment weight when taking the display from one location to another. By choosing 50lb trade show banners instead of the larger 150lbs version, companies could save thousands of dollars per year on transportation costs alone!

An in-depth understanding on the available options remains essential to achieving a long-term return on trade show banners. Firms should speak with industry experts the moment they begin their equipment procurement process. This will ensure costs are minimized and that ideal product is found within a short timeframe.