March 18, 2013

Colour can communicate many different things at once to an audience at a trade show event. For companies that are looking to evoke a more modern appeal with their architecture, brighter colours may be used. Classical designs might include a more limited palette of darker colour selections. Researchers have found that each colour has a different effect on an audience. And so within this blog, we’ll delve further into that research and review two tips for using colour on banner stands in order to define a brand’s image.

1)      Blue is a Popular Selection for Top Brands

Recent studies into the world’s top 100 brands show that more of these companies use the colour blue and any other colours. The colour blue is associated with several noteworthy characteristics that new and growing companies might wish to connect with their brand. For example, psychological studies have shown that the colour blue is associated with trustworthiness, dependability and security. Using blue within company branding can help characterize an organization using these traits.

2)      Yellow Evokes Optimism and Inspires Motivation

Studies show that brands using the colour yellow are able to inspire and motivate audiences to act. This might be ideal for use on banner stands when companies are looking to invigorate their consumer base as part of a challenge. And, of course, a bright colour such as yellow is ideal for those busy trade show environments when catching the eye of consumers is the number one prerogative.

By utilizing colour effectively, companies can drive brand recognition at tradeshow events. Consider the previous two tips before your next industry and discover which colours suit your brand’s marketing campaign objectives.