December 11, 2012

The pop-up display unit is one of the most popular types of display systems seen by audience members at trade shows across the country. The product’s cost-effectiveness allied with its durability means that companies ranging from local area specialists to multinational corporations now utilize the product to advertise their brand. In order to effectively utilize this style of display it’s important to speak with experts in the trade show field. We have asked our in-house team for their tips on utilizing pop-up displays and here are two of the most common tips offered:

1) Keep Graphics Simple

Pop-up displays are best used for that initial eye-catching moment in which the company grabs the attention of the audience member. Don’t overload the audience member’s senses too much with a broad range of information on the display. Include simple information such as a price point and a product name to capture the imagination. Then allow at-event representatives to do their work in selling the product.

2) Make Designs Stand Out Yet Keep Font Readable

With thousands of competing vendors at events, it’s imperative to utilize professional design techniques to ensure that pop-up displays stand out. But companies must also ensure that their information doesn’t get lost in the background. Keep fonts extremely basic and ensure that the company is seen as innovative, yet approachable in order to achieve that maximum event impact.

Displays can make or break a trade show for the modern organization. Follow the preceding tips to ensure your company is capitalizing upon the use of pop-up displays. This simple display item could be the company’s ticket to core growth in the long term.