While the architecture of tradeshow booths is an element of supreme importance to those companies advertising at tradeshow events, there is one more element that is more important to tradeshow success: marketing. Without professional tradeshow marketing strategies, investment in architecture such as tradeshow booths is wasted. Within this post, we’ll focus on two specific ways organizations can improve their event marketing strategies.

1) Pre-Event Promotion

Current clients of the organization should be treated with great care, as it’s often said that it costs more for an organization to gain new clients than keep the ones they have. That’s why it’s imperative to ensure that current clients are invited to all industry events and provided with incentives for their attendance. This will help current clients feel more welcome and ensure others at the event see the popularity of the organization for themselves.

2) Retrieve Contact Information

Without access to customer data, companies cannot effectively market their future products. Tradeshows represent the ideal opportunity for organizations to gain access to large streams of data from potential customers; the key is in the approach. Instead of simply asking for the data, company representatives should offer incentives for visitors to pass along their information. These incentives could be as simple as a prize draw, or a discount on company products. The information received will be the foundation on which all future marketing campaigns can be built.

Proactive event planning and marketing is the key to successful tradeshows. Follow the preceding guidelines and your organization will achieve more effective campaigns.