October 3, 2013

Understanding the factors that draw in a crowd is essential to creating strong, engaging trade show booth designs. Owners of smaller firms might be currently researching this topic as they plan for their next event. They know that capturing the attention is imperative. And so within this post, we’ll highlight the two booth design factors that can drive exceptional results

1)      Building an Atmosphere

The atmosphere or ambience within a booth area plays as much a role in deciding event success as does the design of banners and other architecture. Creating that engaging atmosphere involves utilizing elements that appeal to the human sense of wonder. Companies can capitalize on technology for example to offer a stunning introduction to their products via a projected screen or smaller touch screen. They could also use a nice scent to bring in visitors, such as freshly baked bread or cookies that can be offered to those in attendance.

2)      Capitalize on Every  Element of the Space

Few companies truly capitalize on the space given to them at an event. For example, most organizations use materials that rise up to a specific height. But by integrating architecture such as poles and large banners, companies can capture the attention of those across the tradeshow floor by placing their displays high in the air. It’s how professional organizations take advantage of the options at their events.

Achieving ROI with booth designs means understanding how people are interacting with the environment around them. Don’t limit your displays with the same architecture being used by other companies. Stand out from the crowd and create a unique branding appeal.