October 31, 2013

Portable and inexpensive, banner stands are the requisite product for the small company with big ambitions. While many firms make the purchase of banner stands one of their first investments during promotional campaigns, few have the ability to optimize these solutions to maximum effect. So within this blog post, we’ll highlight two tips for driving quick campaign growth when utilizing banner stands.

1)      Descriptive Content

Copywriting is essential to a strong marketing campaign. In order for companies to utilize their banner stands optimally, they must go to great lengths to ensure that the writing they utilize puts a clear image of the product of service in the mind of the audience. The goal is to create a professional image while utilizing descriptive language that invites interest. By adding such language, as well as a well-placed call to action, firms can make their banner stands a long-standing high value investment.

2)      Measure Audience Response

When utilizing banner stands, firms must review how the trade show audience responds to their display architecture. They could use various methodologies for measurement. Whether the firm compares the number of leads generated or the number of product trials begun as a result of their trade show appearance, reviewing such metrics will enables decision-makers to decide which of their banner stands is meeting response expectations.

Empowering high reward events begins by selecting cost-effective, expertly-designed technology. Banner stands must feature professional copy and be utilized alongside proactive event reporting procedures to ensure a lasting return on investment.