February 19, 2013

Companies must ensure that they achieve a strong return for their investment in tradeshow architecture such as banner stands. But many organizational leaders that are new to the marketing and promotional field simply don’t have the requisite level of understanding to achieve the results needed to maximize returns. Within this blog, we’ll look at two specific post-event tactics that can help capture additional revenue streams in the post-event phase of campaigns.

1)      Sending Out Follow-up Emails

Almost all business communication is now conducted online. This means that companies must engage consumers and potential partners using online media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and, of course, email systems. By conducting post event polling and detailing specific on-going promotions, companies can continue to take advantage of their trade show investment long after the event concludes. The key is to speak with as many attendees as possible in order to get their contact information for marketing purposes.

2)      Conducting Follow-Up Events

By attending trade shows within their industry, business leaders can establish their company as a thought-leader within their field. This then allows them to conduct future industry events in order to engage a wider audience. One of the great advantages for those who have previously attended trade shows is that they already have the event architecture in place to ensure an optimal approach to branding. Maintaining a strong presence within the promotional arena will allow companies to expand their markets further afield.

Capitalizing on trade show architecture investment may take time. But by using the inherent strength of branded materials such as banner stands, companies can drive continuous market growth and capture greater levels of audience engagement for their products and services.