May 28, 2013

Among the immense amount of competition at outdoor summer events, many small enterprises are now utilizing event flags to ensure their company stands out from the crowd at the event. One key element in the selection and flag integration process design. So, in this blog, we’ll focus on two tips for designing event flags that stand out from the crowd at trade show events

1) Simple Designs Are More Effective

While graphic design companies might want to add unique elements to event flags and other outdoor event architecture, the most effective approach is to keep it simple. Designs that are different from the audience’s expectations can have a negative effect on perception. Simple designs will enable organizations to clearly present their products and services with easy-to-read text on top of simple colour schemes. There’s no need to utilize elaborate design techniques when event audiences simply want to know what the company can do for them.

2) Consistency is Key

The overall colour scheme for event flags should match other elements of the company’s trade show architecture. This is especially important for smaller companies, as consistency portrays more confidence in the company’s brand direction. When all elements are similar in colour and style, audience members at the event will be able to see the big-picture for the business. This will help them to remember the company in the long term when they might require their products or services.

Enhance outdoor events with simple and consistent architectural design. This strategy will enable smaller companies to compete effectively with their more widely known counterparts and ensure brand and campaign growth from a solid, well-defined starting point.