For promotional architecture to be effective, its design must be geared toward helping potential clientele understand your organization and its work. At tradeshow events, many of those who host booths for their company seems to ignore this business mantra and instead focus on creating bright, attention-grabbing designs that, while great to look at, do little to inform passers-by. Within this blog, we’ll look at tips for using advertising copy to drive the success of trade show events.

1) Simple Equals Success in Advertising

When designing trade show booths, ensure that all copy is simple to read and easily understood. There’s no point in making an investment in trade show architecture if your potential customers cannot understand what your company does and why they should choose it. Make signs that have simple-to-read bullet points and point out examples of your organization’s recent success.

2) Don’t use Topical Content in Displays

Many companies have made the mistake of including content relating to a news story or popular phrase at the time on their trade show booths. While this might be suitable for capturing the attention of specific demographics, and for novelty value at one event, the likelihood is that you will have to redesign your graphics in a few years’ time. By keeping content related to the company and its core values and benefits, you can achieve displays that the organization can use year after year.

The quality of the copy on your trade show architecture is a key consideration for those hoping to achieve promotional success. Follow the preceding two tips and your business will have a great foundation for improving its ROI from industry events.