June 25, 2013

Flag banners placed high above an event architecture area offer companies an exceptional opportunity to have their brand messages seen by event audiences. But without articulating the right message, the branding material could be a lost investment. Within this blog, we’ll review two tips to help growing companies define their brand messages using flag banners at outdoor events.

1) Concise, Simple Messaging is more Memorable

Companies must use simple language when they display their branding messages on flag banners. There are two main issues with longer branding messages. One: flags will be placed higher than most other event areas, so attendees can only look at the area for a short period of time before experiencing discomfort. Two: short messages are far more memorable. Companies that use short words and concise points will build momentum for their marketing campaigns.

2) Use Darker Text

There have been many horror stories involving companies spending thousands of dollars on poorly designed event materials. Outdoor events are especially prone to lighting problems. With the beating sun bringing flag banners into focus, companies should use darker text to ensure that their branding is highly visible. Oftentimes, the bright text is washed-out in direct light.

Defining a brand message is no simple task. But for outdoor events in which companies may only have one opportunity to make a lasting impression, these brand messages and materials are crucial. Speak to a local area specialist and discuss ways to ensure that your company’s branding hits home with the trade show crowd this summer.