Pop up displays are considered the ideal promotional instrument for modern organizations. They are cost-effective, durable and easy to maintain.  But with so many styles and choices available within the marketplace, many decision makers find it difficult to find a product that is suitable for their unique marketing campaign needs. Let’s review two key tips that should help you locate the ideal pop up displays for your organization.

1) Curved or Flat?

The two main design styles for pop up displays are curved and flat. Each style brings something different to the table and both will look superb with the right graphics. For those that are looking for more room for their company’s graphic design elements, curved pop up displays offer the superior choice simply because of the dynamics of the product. Flat displays tend to offer a more traditional approach and may be more suitable for businesses that are aiming their products toward the professional consumer.

2) Product Scalability

For growing companies that are looking towards the future, it’s important to have products that are scalable and can be integrated with other market solutions for great promotional effect. This is why product scalability is so important, especially when purchasing the company’s first trade show display product. Decision-makers have to consider what their marketing campaign needs might be a few years down the line before making their decision.

Trust your promotional needs to the team here at Best Displays. Our product specialists can help locate the perfect pop up displays for your next key industry event.