There are more than 2500 trade show events in the United States each year. This means that there are thousands of opportunities for organizations to gain a larger share of their industry market. The key is to know how to make the best impression. Within this blog, we’ll look at how organizations can decide which trade show displays are best for their particular stage of progression within the field.

1) Smaller, Growing Organizations

One of the key considerations for organizations that are just beginning to enter into the marketplace is cost. These budgetary considerations are prominent in every decision made at the inception of a company. And with that in mind, smaller companies may wish to select low-cost products initially as a means to build up their promotional campaigns from a solid position. By working with the right designers, companies can save money on their event architecture and still appeal to a wider audience at the event.

2) Larger Market Players

It can be tough at the top. But companies that have fought hard for their position in the market intend to stay there. To do so, they must utilize trade show displays that are at the very cutting edge of the industry. One such example from the current Best Displays catalog is the selection of blueprint trade show displays. These products are uniquely modular, which means that designers can create a wide array of styles to suit specific event audiences across the country. The key for the larger company is to stay in the spotlight and retain core customer satisfaction levels.

No matter whether your organization is big or small, choosing the right style of display can make the difference between success and failure. Conducting intensive research before an event can prevent misguided decisions.