February 14, 2013

As companies continue to place resources towards their trade show architecture, their trade show displays take on greater significance. Promotional events are now one of the key ways for business leaders across the country to gather leads and build interest within their products and services. And with that in mind, this article focuses on how today’s companies can achieve further growth by using their imagination and building highly creative trade show displays.

1)      Utilize HD Displays

The growth in video displays has been outstanding in 2012 and the early part of 2013. There is now a great range of ways to utilize video technology to enhance a brand’s value. One of the most popular technologies for trade show events are HD displays. Companies should use HD screens to highlight their brand proposition with videos on company products or services. By speaking to potential clients through the medium of HD video, organizations can drive audience participation at any event.

2)      Host Games to Get Audience Involvement

Companies can introduce fun to their promotional campaigns by hosting small games at their trade show display. Simple games could involve guessing the price of a specific product, with the added benefit of promoting a new innovation. Or companies could host prize draws for free products as part of a promotional giveaway. Taking the lead on audience participation with games will drive trade show success.

Promotional campaign success depends on understanding your core audience. By integrating next-generation systems and appealing to their basic needs for a fun, engaging experience, companies can move their 2013 campaigns forward with great brand success.