August 30, 2013

Pop-up displays are designed to provide small, growing companies with a portable solution that will help them to effectively promote their brand to large trade show audiences. But few companies are adept to get the most value for their investment in pop-up displays. With that in mind, this post will focus on two methods for ensuring a strong ROI by capitalizing on the advantage offered by the latest pop display systems.

1) Book Shows Across the Country

The portability of pop-up displays means that they can easily be transported from venue to venue to help small companies build their brand reputation in various local regions. In order to take advantage of this inherent quality, company leaders must book their firm’s place at trade shows across the country. The cost-effective nature of transporting the extremely light pop-up display means that this can be a win-win for the proactive business.

2) Utilize Accessories to Highlight Displays

Accessories such as lighting and LCD screens can add an imaginative touch to a pop-up display. Pop-up display areas with such accessories will help brands to recoup the value of their investment by generating leads for the business and bringing further attention to the company brand during the event. Combining the latest technology with a pop-up display is a surefire way to make that lasting impression on a trade show audience.

Success at business events requires the use of the latest materials. But even classical products can still hold value when utilized effectively. Make pop-up displays a key element in your trade show arsenal and you’ll soon reap the rewards.