While the architecture and the surroundings play a key role in how your company is received at its next trade show, the pre-event planning stages and event activities are also essential. With that in mind, in this blog we’ll focus on two tips businesses use to achieve success with their trade show booths.

1) Showcase Product Demand

This is one of those few at-event activities that very few people consider. But when carried out well, it can lead to tremendous results on the balance sheet. Make sure that your trade show booth’s design elements detail precise numbers as to your product’s current success. For example, if your organization has sold over 10,000 particular types of product, showcase this statistic prominently on promotional materials. This will give your company value in the eyes of the trade show attendees and lead to an increase in attention at the event.

2) Offer Strategic Giveaways at the Event

One of the greatest tools for engaging clients at trade shows and keeping them engaged with your business is by offering special promotions that ensure they use the organization’s services for a particular amount of time. For example, if your company is selling technical software, you could offer the first 50 attendees at your booth 50% off licensing for the first month. This works to build a local client base within the industry and create 50 brand ambassadors who will tell their fellow industry professionals about the strength of your product.

Proactive companies can make a big impression at the next trade show event. But it’s important to think a step ahead in order to succeed with overall trade show marketing efforts.